Kitchen Cabinet Alternatives

A new kitchen is definitely on my home wish list.  Even though we were very fortunate to buy our house right after the kitchen was upgraded, over time we discovered that the work wasn’t done very well.  Since the walls were never sealed (and we can see cracks in the concrete under the cabinets) the kitchen is perpetually damp and a weekly deep clean is a must to keep the mold in check.  The hinges started sagging after a couple of years and now some of the doors don’t close properly.  Last year we replaced all the pulls and knobs since the old one were not made of quality materials and started to rust.  On the surface the kitchen looks fine but start digging and it’s a mess.

Needless to say, kitchen renovations are one of the most expensive home projects so for now we’re saving our pennies and making the most of the current space.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t spend a couple evenings every now and then getting inspired on Pinterest.   There are literally millions of beautiful kitchens but over time I discovered I was looking for something more unique than just the traditional room full of cabinets and appliances.  Below are some of my favourite alternatives to the traditional.  Don’t forget to pin YOUR favourites and click on the images for sources.

One of the best ways to make a small kitchen feel more spacious is to remove a few cabinet doors.  It’s a great way to show off colourful cookware (just make sure to keep it tidy).

You can take this one step further and get rid of upper cabinets all together replacing them instead with floating shelves.

Or if you’re feeling really brave, skip ALL the cabinets and replace with decorating baskets, crates and jars.

If you’re handy but short on cash (let’s face it – kitchen cabinets can be expensive) make simple wood boxes.  Hang them on the wall and turn them into a beautiful replacement for cabinets.  TIP:  You can also modify old dresser or cabinet drawers for this!

If you like to move things around and redecorate, try installing a simple pegboard!  It’s a fun way to keep the kitchen organized.

And what does my dream kitchen look like?  I would really love to skip cabinets all together and instead piece my kitchen together with furniture pieces like hutches and pantries to make our space feel more like a room.  I have been drooling over deVOL kitchens like these for months now.

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