Hello YELLOW – Bringing The Sunshine Inside

For the past week, the weather has been amazing – mid 70’s with sunny skies, low humidity and a gentle breeze!  I think we appreciate it that much more considering the winter was windy, cold and rainy.  True, we didn’t have to shovel any snow but it wasn’t pretty!

If all this recent sunshine is making you smile too why not enjoy it all year long – even on the gloomy days!  Adding hints of bright yellow around the house is a great way to cheer up any space.  Just remember that a little goes a long way.  Yellow is a very high energy colour and when used in access can quickly turn a space from fun to exhausting.

Below are some of my favourite ways to incorporate yellow into your home.  For sources click on the photos and don’t forget to Pin your favourite designs for late.

First is this bedroom which I actually Pinned a few weeks ago.  I love how the electric yellow pops against a rich and mellow blue.  Notice how the same colour is repeated in a bit of the artwork to tie the two together.  Chairs are a great way to experiment with colour.  They’re fast and easy to spray paint for almost instant gratification.

For more of as statement paint ALL the chairs yellow like in this dining room.  They really stand out against the white walls.

Here’s another way to use yellow and white.  How cheerful is this cottage kitchen? TIP:  For decor on the cheap use a large bowl of lemons – then make lemonade!

Here’s another thing you can spray – those metal kitchen pendants.  Give them new life and your space a new look with a fresh coat of paint.

HELLO yellow!  Come home to a yellow door and a burst of sunshine everyday.

If you’re going for drama stick to a high contrast colour scheme like black and white.  Throw in pops of yellow and you’ve got a chic space that’s sure to make an impact on your guests.

I LOVE rugs.  They add visual interest, they’re cozy under your feet (there’s a strict no shoes rule in our house) and they protect our wood floors.  I love how this punchy yellow rug cheers up deep gray walls.

If you love grey and yellow together here’s a way to incorporate the two using a lighter colour scheme.

Time to update that boring bathroom vanity? Try yellow!  Or use it on a small console table or mirror instead.

So you might have noticed that none of these rooms had yellow WALLS.  Well, there’s a reason for that.  First of all, too much yellow in a room can be fatiguing to the eyes. Sure, it makes a great Pinterest or magazine photo but I often find that people who paint their walls yellow quickly grow tired of the look.  Literally, your eyes have contract to see this bright shade and they can get stained just like any muscle that’s flexed for too long.

It’s also a very high energy colour which doesn’t make it the best choice for bedrooms, nurseries, or living rooms – any room where you want to wind down and relax after a long day.  Parents often choose yellow for the baby’s room because it’s bright and gender neutral but it can be tough for your little one to wind down for a nap or bedtime because their eyes remain stimulated.

If you do choose yellow on the walls, look for a softer shade with less green and more warmth.  Two of my favourites are Benjamin Moore Soleil (very appropriate name) and Hawthore Yellow.  They won’t overpower a room but are still sunny.

If you’re painting furniture, accessories or that statement front door you can’t go wrong with a high gloss marine paint.  Not only will it hold up much better it will also cover in less coats and finish with a mirror high shine.  I love Interlux Yellow 4152 and Epifanes #37.  They can be rolled, brushed or sprayed on pretty much any surface.

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