GOLD Bathroom Fixtures

I am not a morning person but (out of necessity), I have developed a certain fondness of how quiet the house is before sunrise.  I usually start the day with a cup of coffee, email and Pinterest.  Since we were updating a few things in the bathroom last month, I spend most mornings looking at fixtures, vanities, and tiles.  There are thousands of beautiful spaces to look at but one trend that recently jumped out at me were gold fixtures and accessories, especially in combination with white, black and grey.

Most people (myself included) associate gold fixtures with either those dated 80’s brass chandeliers or really inexpensive builder grade door knobs where the colour rubs off but I was totally blow away by how stylish and up-to-date my Pinterest finds were.  In contemporary shapes and quality materials, gold fixtures are a great way to add glamour and sparkle to your bathroom.  Use them to dress up crisp white or warm up cool grey.  Following the old saying of “a little goes a long way”, keep the rest of the space simple or add just one more bold element like a beautiful tile pattern or statement vanity.

Below are some of my favourite spaces.  Click on the photos for more information and don’t forget to Pin the designs that inspire you.

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