Glamour With Gold Accents

As I approach another birthday I am amazed by how my tastes have changed over the years.  Growing up, I couldn’t stomach olives.  Now I eat them right out of the jar.  In my twenties 4″ heels were a must, even if my feet felt like they were about to fall off.  In my 30’s, the collection of sensible loafers is growing.

Much like my favourite foods or taste in footwear, my colour preferences have also evolved.  When we first bought our house, I thought it was a great idea to paint the interior in green and terra cotta.  Last week I painted the dining room in Benjamin Moore Penthouse (a shade of grey – big surprise) almost erasing the last of the old colour scheme.  And since grey is my favourite colour I tend to favour hardware in similarly cool metals like stainless or chrome.  However, I have recently found myself drooling over GOLD hardware, especially when paired with cool tones like navy, grey, black and crisp white.

Updating the kitchen can be hard on the wallet but freshly painted cabinets with updated hardware can make an amazing difference on a budget.  If you’re considering a new look check out these amazing kitchens, all with glamorous gold accents.  Click on each photo for more info and don’t forget to Pin your favourite.

Considering painting your kitchen cabinets?  Check out more tips here.


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