My husband is great at puzzles which is very fortunate because home ownership is filled with taking things (with a lot of small pieces) apart, fixing them and putting them back together.  I have neither the skill nor the patience for, let’s say, fixing a leaky kitchen faucet but he loves to fiddle with all the bolts, hoses and fittings until it no longer drips under our sink.

Being good at putting things together (and a healthy dose of patience) also comes in handy when I dream up my latest home project (more on my galvanized pipe light fixture later).   This week’s project comes from the creative folks at Better Homes and Gardens who have dreamed up this simple, inexpensive and stylish headboard.  DIY Rope Headboard for a link to their tutorial or follow along below.


  • 1/2-inch-diameter steel electrical conduit (available at home stores or plumbing shops)
  • Handheld pipe cutter
  • Four 90-degree street elbows
  • Four tees
  • Four nipples
  • Four floor flanges
  • Rubber mallet
  • Construction adhesive
  • About 1,000 feet of 3⁄8-inch manila rope
  • Scrap wood about as long as the width of your headboard
  • Drywall molly bolts
  • Screws


Cut the pipes to size using a handheld pipe cutter. Cut two pieces to fit the width of the bed and two pieces to the headboard’s desired height. (Ours is 50 inches wide and 30 inches tall.)


Assemble the flanges, nipples, tees, and elbows, (A and B), then join them with the cut pipes to create the headboard frame (C and D), using construction adhesive and a mallet to tap them into place


Tie a clove hitch knot onto the bottom of the right-hand vertical pipe.

Wrap the rope from one side of the frame to the other to create the base of your weave. When you get to the end of a roll of rope, tie it with a clove hitch to the side closest to you. Continue until you’ve filled the frame with an even number (pictured), noting how many you have. (Ours has 70.)


Divide the number of ropes so there is an equal amount in each weave. Weave the scrap wood through to create the pattern (pictured). Start weaving the second layer of rope through the pattern until you have the same number of rope strands as in the base pattern. (Ours has five.)


Switch the wood to the opposite weave and repeat Step 4. Continue weaving and alternating the pattern until the frame is filled. Tie off the rope and start a new roll whenever necessary (not pictured).


Install the headboard using the appropriate screws and bolts for the elbows and your walls.

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