PURPLE At Home – Would You Dare?

via House Beautiful

via House Beautiful

This month’s House Beautiful Magazine features a beautiful interior by Mary McGee who incorporated her clients’ favourite colour, purple, into the design.  With Benjamin Moore’s Lavender Mist making a statement in the entry, the rest of the home is just as stylish and dramatic.

Even though shades of purple may not be my first choice in wall paint, with the right undertones it can be a great choice for creating chic adult spaces.  Look for colours with a hint of grey.  They’ll be softer on the eyes and more compatible with other elements in your home.

Some of my favourite shades:

  • Benjamin Moore French Lilac
  • Benjamin Moore Spring Iris
  • Benjamin Moore Lavender Ice
  • Benjamin Moore Purple Ice
  • Benjamin Moore Lavender Mist

If you find that this much colour is overwhelming on the walls, you can still use purple in fabrics, accessories and artwork for a subtle accent.

Need ideas?  Check out our favourite spaces below.  For more information of each space click on the photos to be redirected.


5 Responses to “PURPLE At Home – Would You Dare?”

  1. thecurator0245

    Wow! Stunning use of color! Beautiful! I would not have envisioned purple for a dining area or entryway but it gives a feel of both glamor and serenity depending on the shade… Thank you for opening my mind a little more :0) to this color!


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