GO BOLD In The Kitchen

Thinking about experimenting with colour?  The kitchen is a great place to start.  Breaking up a bold colour with cabinets and appliances can lessen it’s intensity, keeping it from overwhelming your space while at the same time adding a bright pop.  It’s also a great way to help tile, unique architectural features, nooks and crannies stand out from the rest of your kitchen space.

TIP:  Kitchen walls take a lot of abuse from dirty fingers, food splatters and cooking residue.  For the most durable finish, look for a premium high quality paint with a washable formula.  Skip flat paints and choose either a matte or eggshell finish.  It will clean up easier and provide a soft contrast in sheen to glossier cabinets, tile and counters.  One of our favourites?  Benjamin Moore Aura or Muralo Ultra Ceramic Matte.

From modern to more traditional, here are some examples of my favourite spaces.  Want more info on a particular room.  Just click on the image.

TIP:  Don’t spend all weekend painting!  Accent colours traditionally take more coats of paint for full coverage so look for a premium paint with a self priming formula.  Overwhelmed by choices at the paint store?  Remember to ask for help!

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