That’s A Wrap! Decorating The Presents

As my husband and I get older, Christmas presents lose a bit of their childhood enthusiasm.  This year, we’re getting a new front door – practical but not particularly exciting.  However, just because my letter to Santa was short and sweet doesn’t mean there are no glittering boxes under the tree.  Wrapping paper can be another fun way to add holiday cheer to your home (even if the boxes are empty!).

There are thousands of wrapping paper options in stores but I often find that the simplest ones are the most stunning.  Personalize plain brown craft paper with natural elements like greens, pinecones or cinnamon sticks and add glitter or ribbon for colour.  If you’re crafty add a homemade touch with DIY gift tags.   Use up those leftover buttons to dress up plain ribbon or turn them into funky snowflakes for decoration.  Have a pile of leftover ornaments?  Tie those colourful balls onto your packages!

If you favour fancier wrapping, layer colours and textures over metallic paper for dimension.  Don’t forget to experiment with colour!  Try teal and silver or soft cream and violet.  For a girly touch, replace red with hot pink and add glittering gold accents.  Want more drama?  Use black paper with gold accents and luxurious velvet ribbon.

Looking for ideas?  Here are some of my favourite Pinterest finds to inspire your decorating style.


4 Responses to “That’s A Wrap! Decorating The Presents”

  1. Me, Myself and DIY

    They are all beautiful. I am not a big wrapping fan – you would think I would love it – if I only had five gifts to wrap, that would be different. This gives me something to look forward to when I do only have a few things to do! I’ll put more energy in some day. Right now, everyone should be glad I don’t just hand them their gift in a plastic baggy. LOL!

    • Rowe Spurling Paint Company

      This IS a busy time of year. I used to be in charge of wrapping everyone’s presents and after hours it did get to be a bit exhausting. Now that there are only a few, it’s a lot more fun. Have a great holiday!


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