Creative DIY Headboards

A headboard is great way to add weight to a bed and style to even the simplest of bedrooms.  If you’re on a budget, a simple bed frame can be totally transformed with some inexpensive supplies (some of which you may already have around the house) and a little elbow grease.  Here are some of our favourite Houzz finds!

We LOVE chalkboards and this is a great way to incorporate them into your home.  Customize a chalk headboard with your favourite quotes or use it to write messages!

A mirror is not only a simple way to create the look of a headboard, it’s also a great design trick for making smaller rooms feel larger and brighter.  Just position a mirror to reflect natural (or artificial) light to make your room instantly brighter.

Incorporate your love of the water into your home!  This DIY headboard is made out of old oars.  Before mounting them in the bedroom, clean them well, sand and seal (or paint a fun colour) for easy cleaning in the future.

Layer a large roll up blind with fun artwork for a simple, budget friendly but stylish headboard.  Customize with favourite family photos or prints!

Replacing your blinds?  Clean them up then hang for a rustic chic headboard in a country bedroom.

Love modern designs?  This simple plank wall has an industrial themed lighting fixture that’s simple to create with a metal rod and some simple electrical DIY.

Create a custom headboard with a little tape and paint!  Have fun with the colour – it’s easy to change it to accommodate your colour scheme.

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