Seeing Red

If you want to make a statement few colours pack a punch quite like red. As with any colour, there are dozens or shades available and the one you choose depends on the style of your space and the feel you’re trying to achieve.

For traditional spaces try warm reds with either wine or clay undertones. A couple of our favorites are Benjamin Moore Moroccan and Red Caliente. Both pair well with other earth tones like green and brown. Add sparkle with metallic accents like frames, accessories or fabrics with gold, brass or bronze.

Want to add red in a more modern space? Choose a clean bright shade like Benjamin Moore Million Dollar Red or the simply named Red . Pair with cool Greys and crisp whites for contrast and a sleek look.

From a practical perspective red paint is one of the poorest colours for coverage. Depending on the brand and quality of paint you choose 4 to 5 coats may be necessary for full hide. If you’re starting with white or light walls, choose a high quality premium paint like Benjamin Moore Aura in either Matte or Eggshell. It will cover better in fewer coats (usually three max) saving you from an entire weekend of painting. If your walls need priming ask the paint store for a tinted or red primer.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 2.20.33 PM Vibrant Red Living Room Walls And Brown Furniture Red Living Room Accent Wall Red In The Bedroom Red Walls And Plenty Of Wood Cozy Red Living Room

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