Don’t Forget The Ceiling!

Hot Pink Ceiling

Hot Pink Ceiling

When painting the room we spend a lot of time on the walls –  agonizing for hours over the perfect shade.  On the ceiling, however, we usually take the easy way out by putting on a coat of white paint.   That forgotten fifth wall is often a missed opportunity for adding another layer of colour to your space.

If your walls are a bold colour with a deeper tone a white ceiling can create too much contrast.  In those spaces, try either a complimentary shade (navy walls and light grey ceiling) or a lighter version of your wall paint colour.

To make large rooms with tall ceilings more cozy and intimate consider flipping your colour scheme upside down and using a bold shade on the ceiling and keeping the walls more neutral.

In smaller rooms a white ceiling creates a sharp line of contrast with the rest of the walls and the visual break makes the room look even smaller.  For those spaces try painting the walls and ceiling the same colour, preferably a lighter shade to keep the room bright and airy.

What ever colour you choose, look for a flat or matte finish paint.  Because they’re not reflective, both of those sheens will hide minor ceiling imperfections and minimize glare.  Use a high quality roller and roll slowly to minimize splatter.

Deep Navy Ceiling Paint

Deep Navy Ceiling Paint

Light Grey Walls And Ceiling

Light Grey Walls And Ceiling

Soothing Bedroom Colour Combination

Soothing Bedroom Colour Combination

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